"The Intuitive Entrepreneur"


The Intuitive Entrepreneur is a monthly business paper for the serious minded individual that considers business a necessary thing for the betterment of the country. Its' target audience are well informed and talented individuals that cherish new and innovating ideas, and responds to serious issues.


We believe in the individual and the power within them. That they can create a great life for themselves and others that work with them.


The stories in The Intuitive Entrepreneur concern themselves with obstacles that were overcome by average people with above average desires. They are either business stories where obstacles had to be overcome or personal ones, like Jim Luzzi, a man with everything going against him to have his monument put up in a public place. He like others overcame because they did not quit. We believe that quitters never win and winners never quit. The American dream is for the average man to have his own business to support himself and his loved ones. A life of satisfaction comes from a life where dreams come true. And they do if you work at them and never quit. That is what The Intuitive Entrepreneur is.


The paper covers primarily the cities of Bayonne, Jersey City and Hoboken. At the moment we are testing 16 other cities for the second time. The stories have touched the hearts of over 100,000 across New Jersey.





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