The Hoboken Boys Think Tank was an easy second creation for The Hoboken Boys Productions, LLC to fall into. Hoboken, being a place where many major accomplishments have taken place seemed only natural to assist in the major problems plaguing our country. We are made of talented people, coming from all fields: advertising, marketing, finance, accounting, law, education, psychology, medicine, quantum psychics, the movie industry, publishing, police work and even the military. We consider our group up to handling just about any problem worth being called a problem.


We believe that specialists have overstayed their welcome on their scientific field and the generalist' time has come. Cross spectrum of knowledge is where the future seems to be heading. Specialists have a tendency to overvalue their input and direction but generalists have a tendency to correct it. Their tendency is to work toward a solution by however and whatever means are necessary, not one track thinking. The digital age is upon us and random access is where it's at. No longer does a problem have to be addressed in an orderly fashion. The future is now open to a faster more direct route called random; as quantum, random access and digital are the same process.  At the smallest quantum, time and space become one.


The problems become easy when we take the best minds in their subject and work with other best minds. One will find out that they are all saying the same thing from a different point of view called by a different term, and it's the cross references that will help. The process is simple; when handling a problem our experts cross knowledge into other fields, with our other experts. There will be times when one specialty will seemingly be more aware of the solution then the rest of the specialists, but usually this lasts for a short while, then the other experts catch up and pass him. This process is known as the pendulum swings, better known as the first and the last. Everything else is in the middle. Our motto is sharing makes caring.


 If you consider yourself to be a person of extreme talent with credentials, please write us at